Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is an Indian British Internet personality and motivational speaker. He has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Today Show.

Jay Shetty’s phone number is (+1) 310-997-4177.

Shetty is a Huffington Post vlogger and created the most viewed Facebook video of 2018. Topics of his videos include relationships, wellness, mental health, and purpose. Shetty has interviewed Russell Simmons, Deepak Chopra, Kobe Bryant, and Tim Ferriss.

Shetty was included on Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe in 2017.

Shetty was recognized on the National Geographic Chasing Genius Council 2017. Shetty has been featured on the BBC and has spoken to audiences at Google, Nasdaq, HSBC, and Barclays. Shetty was the recipient of awards at the 2016 ITV Asian Media Awards and the 2018 Streamy Awards. 

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